Christone Kingfish Ingram – Blues at its Best

I can enjoy all kind of music. Okay, maybe not all. I need to be tipsy in order to enjoy German pop songs (aka Schlager) :D. There are times when I only want to hear Rock or Hip Hop or Electronic music. Sometimes, I need a little bit more soul in my life and I get back and listen to Blues and Jazz. Yesterday, I “discovered” a talented musician who has a wonderful voice and knows how to play his guitar – Christone Kingfish Ingram.

I cannot listen to Blues at any time. I need to be in a certain mood. I don’t necessarily need to feel blue but the soul of this music helps me to connect with my emotions. When I listen to Blues, I can easily drift away, becoming one with the music and my feelings. It is a powerful music and I often feel that those words and sounds come directly from the heart. They are pure and without filters.

I put discovered in quotation marks because he already seems to be quite famous. He played two songs in the second season of Luke Cage and that is where I found him. I was surprised when I found out that he is only 19 years old. I tried to find more of his music except what I can find on YouTube and they wrote that he is likely to release his debut album later this year.

If you like Blues, you might like Christone Kingfish Ingram. I will add one of his tracks below, but there are many live sessions on YouTube where you can see his full talent in action.




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