The Effects of Words

A while ago, I wrote a poem called Mind Your Words which was aimed at highlighting the power of words. With today’s article, I want to give another example and some food for thought.

Today, I had a short conversation with a colleague. She has a lot to do and I could feel it costs her a lot of energy. I told that this must be very draining and I immediately asked myself the question, if I affected her with my choice of words. If I write energy draining this could have two effects: a) it can drain her energy when reading it or she might become very self-conscious and feeling drained the next time she is doing the thing and/or b) it can raise awareness that you know what drains your energy and what to do about it. My intention is the latter although i cannot really control the former. That is why I mention it now.

Be critical and question those statements. Is it really energy draining for you? Maybe it is just my subjective experience. Or the experience of somebody else. Maybe you just feel that way because someone told you should feel that way. Our words are also types of energy. It is very easy to experience this yourself. The next time someone says either something that makes you laugh, or makes you feel bad or generates an idea, observe how this effects your physical state.

This opens up a whole new dimension of what impact our words can have on others and ourselves. Are you using a lot of negative words or sentences? Try to observe and play around a bit and how this affects you. Also, when dealing with others, you should always try to lift them up with your words. If you observe a tendency to be negative, try to take a moment and to talk in a more optimistic manner.

However, it doesn’t mean you should, from now on, carefully select every single word you write or speak. It is just about being aware of the power words have over us. Moreover, speech is a way to express our ideas, feelings, and emotions and pausing to choose which words to use could impede our internal efforts to process our feelings and emotions.

Ponder on the way you talk and think and what words you use and how it effects yourself and others.



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