Create the Right Conditions for Your Mindfulness Practice

The biggest effect from mindfulness training stems from a regular practice. It is really not so much about how long you do it but how frequently. That is a change process. Especially when we are new to mindfulness practice. That is why it is important to create the right conditions to set ourselves up for success.

One part is to create a strong motivation to do it. I understand, in the beginning this might be difficult as we don’t feel the benefits (yet). However, without a strong motivation, we are less likely to push through difficult days and it is those days that will deepen our determination to practice. There are a lot of benefits from doing mindfulness practices, ranging from improved sleep to better memory. Maybe you know of someone who told you about the beneficial effects and who can serve as a good real-life example what is possible. Once you started, be curious what effects it has on you and use them to increase your motivation.

Moreover, for me it also to some degree a question of the right mindset. When I am sitting down or lying down and I am looking forward to the practice, because I know it helps me settle my mind and be more balanced, I am way more motivated to do it. When I try to squeeze it into a time slot however, I might refuse to do it or give up because I won’t be able to enjoy the practice.

Something that can help with creating the right mindset is the environment. Finding the right spot to do it is also of great importance. It is mostly about rituals. If we have a dedicated spot or room where we practice, it will help us to get into the right mindset easier and faster in the long run. Maybe for you this is a spot outside, or a specific room at home or at work. Maybe try out different locations first and observe which one is most conducive to your practice.

For me it is also important when I practice. It is easier for me to do it in the morning than before going to bed. That is also something you could play around with to find the right time for you. Furthermore, I realized that I can enjoy it more after I took a shower. Especially in the morning. This is really a fresh start =). And yes, I could also do it while showering, but let us care for the environment and not take unnecessarily long showers.

Last but not least, see what kind of practice works best for you. There are countless different practices. In addition, see if you prefer to do it in silence and on your own or if you prefer it in a guided way or with music. For me, the best way is to do it in silent as music and voices are often a distraction for me.


Have a mindful day!





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  1. CherishingFLo says:

    Finding the right environment is probably the hardest part for me because where I live is so crowded for no reason lol

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    1. Can you create it if you can’t find it?

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      1. CherishingFLo says:

        How do you mean?


      2. If you can’t find it, can you do something to create it? =)

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      3. CherishingFLo says:

        Hmmm that sounds like something I could possibly do

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