A very special conference

I talked about this conference in the past, but only in terms of what my roles have been. As the application is open as of today, I want to give some more context.

The name of the conference is NaLDS and stands for National Leadership Development Seminar. For participants, this conference lasts a week. It takes place in the beautiful Hartz mountains in Germany. It is a very secluded place and therefor perfect to reflect and detox.

I won’t get into detail, as some elements are a surprise and writing about them will take away the effect and the fun. This also means, I will post the Link to the application in this mail. And why waiting? Click on this link to apply for the conference.

The conference is organized by the biggest student organization in the world AIESEC. This also means that most of the participants will be member of this organization. However, the conference is open for externals. I also feel that having externals at the conference is a wonderful thing as it makes everything more diverse.

120 participants will take part in the conference. They will be allocated into 10 groups. Each group has two facilitators. One male and one female. The average age of the participants is rather low. Maybe 21 or 22. However, there were also participants aged 30+. I tell this, because I want you to know what you can expect when applying. And yes, the conference language is English and the conference is an international one. If I remember correctly, when I headed the conference in 2016, we had people from about 20 different countries there. In addition, there are always more applicants than spots available. This means that a participation is not guaranteed.

The application will also take some time, if done properly as it asks for motivation and assesses the level of personal reflection. This also means that you probably learned something even if you don’t get a spot.

It will be 7 intense days. You will likely laugh a lot, reflect a lot, and get to know yourself and others on a level you might not know your best friends. It is a space that enables personal transformation, sure the hardest part always starts when you are back, but it can get you closer to your goals. Why is it a leadership conference you might ask? Well, the reasoning behind is that in order to be able to lead others, we first need to be able to lead ourselves. To do that, we need to know ourselves.

I think it says a lot that I have been once a participant, twice a facilitator and once the agenda manager (head of the conference). One of my goals is to create something for people who work. I met wonderful people there and made friends for a lifetime. It is something you won’t regret but rather tell your friends years after.

If it isn’t something for you, maybe you know someone who might be interested in applying. Also, write me a mail, if you have further questions.



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