Finding light in the Darkness

Even the Buddhist say: Life is suffering. Okay, they also say how to alleviate suffering, but this process is hard and long, and for many not very appealing. This means we are faced with a lot of darkness in our lives and one task is bestowed upon us: finding light.

I feel that depressions and anxiety is getting more attention. Unfortunately, it is mainly due to celebrities like Anthony Bourdain or Avicii that we hear more about it and it becomes a part of the media discussion. There are so many other people out there who suffer from it. But I take it. Because it helps. There are also more and more YouTuber or YouTube channels speaking about this.

Shedding light on this subject is a good start, but it is not enough. Especially for the people who suffer. That is why I ask myself what we can do to lessen the suffering. I know it depends on our state of mind, but we also need to take responsibility of our own lives. Sure, this means we need to be convinced that we and things can change. This is already an optimistic view on life and maybe people who suffer from depression and anxiety don’t think that way. However, I am convinced that there are good times each day. Even if 23 hours are bad and there is only one hour that is good, we have found a light in the vast darkness.

That is our task and it is something we can do. What are the little highlights each day? The times we feel motivated, inspired, and full of energy. They might not last long but they are there. Think about what you are grateful for. Train your optimism by writing down three positive things each day. We can fend off the darkness. Whenever you feel down or doubting yourself try to think about a positive thing that happened this day. I know this is a mental fight, but we can train ourselves to not let the darkness consume us.

Go out there and find the light. There is darkness, but there is also a lot of light! 



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