Beautiful Music by L.E.J.


Without music the world would be a mistake. That is why I am constantly looking for new music that make me want to laugh, cry, and or dance. A couple of years ago, I stumbled upon a fantastic group called L.E.J.

L.E.J a.k.a Elijay a.k.a Lucie, Elisa & Juliette is a French band. Their music is based on classical and world music. The first song I heard was called Summer (Link below). I admit it, I probably clicked on this video because there were three beautiful women and a cello. Enough to draw my attention =). What I heard then was impressive. This song is a mashup of different tracks and has a lot of hip hop elements in it. When I want to dance, this is one of the tracks that keep me dancing. That is what I did today in my room.


Another wonderful track from L.E.J is a remix of Stromae’s Tous les mêmes. When I was younger, I heard a lot of French Hip Hop (Saian Supa Crew) and French was also one of my favorite subjects in school. Currently, I try to refresh my knowledge, but my love for the language never disappeared. Listening to French music, accompanied by classical instruments is a wonderful mix. That is why I can only recommend the following track, too.


Dance, dance, and then dance again!


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