It is okay to be okay

The first question people tend to ask is: How are you? I am no exception. However, as one of the most frequently heard answers is a variation of “fine”, “good” or “okay”, we tend to over-analyze this answer. Sometimes we are just okay. Is this a problem?

Sure, sometimes it can mean that we are not okay at all. But sometimes it means, there are some good things and some bad things. That is probably the case for most of our days. That is balanced. However, even saying I am okay feels not good. Why don’t I feel happy or awesome or good? Those questions I ask myself but also others do. What is it? How can I help? Do you want to talk about it? Those are replies I get.

It shows again that we give more attention to the negative parts in our lives. Maybe that is why I am also more focused on it. It is like looking through a magnifying glass at it. Yeah it makes those problems seem bigger, but they might be just as big or influential as the good things in my life.

I think being okay is actually an improvement for many. Because this acknowledges that there are good elements. Maybe with this realization, we can even use the magnifying glass to look at the positive aspects. Celebrate the small wins =). Focusing on the positive aspects helps us to re-wire our brains. And more optimistic means more resilient. If we can see the silver lining, the light in an ocean of darkness, we see a way out. We see that there is beauty and that progress is possible.

It is definitely okay to “just” feel okay.



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