Good and bad questions

I think there are good and bad questions. Or let me rephrase. There might be good times to ask a question and bad times.

This becomes more and more obvious to me. Not only during talks with friends, but also regarding my own approach to life. I am definitely a thinker. I think way more than I act. And, I tend to overthink. It is not that thinking is bad and asking questions is bad. But I am not living a balanced life in this regard.

Asking bad questions ore badly timed questions, can be devastating. It keeps me from making progress. It keeps me from acting. But not all questions are bad. There are questions that don’t lead nowhere, and there are questions that help me to move on. A “bad” question would be: Why do I doubt myself? Or: Is everyone like this? Or a classic: What if I decide wrong? Those questions can be dangerous. They only lead to more questions and we end up in a vicious cycle. A good question would be: What is the next step I can do? Can I do it now? Or: What or who can help me in my current situation? Those questions are forward-oriented. They help me getting closer to act.

Maybe observe what kind of questions you ask? Do they help you to make progress. In the sense of leading to actions. Or are they making you miserable? The questions we ask have a lot of influence over our lives. Be aware what questions you ask!



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