A creative way to express anxiety

A creative way to express anxiety…

Anxiety and depression are still topics that are swept under the rug, most of the times. Even though most of us know of at least one person who might have an anxiety disorder or depression. We know stories from artists and musicians who took their life because of those mental diseases. The WHO says that depression is on the rise. But still, the topic doesn’t attract widespread media coverage. We don’t even talk with our families about it. We also don’t really talk about it with friends.

Admitting that we suffer from panic attacks, anxiety or depression is something we are afraid to share. We fear social retribution, losing friends, and alienating family members. Society tells us that something is wrong with us. That we should be stronger, more optimistic and happy. If you hear this often enough you will question yourself. This is a vicious circle.

That is why I am grateful, impressed and inspired by people who can openly talk about their issues. It is an inconvenient topic to deal with, but their stories help to shed more light on something that might affect every one of us. Be it ourselves, or a friend or a family member.

The following video by Dan Mace is a lovely and creative way to share his story and his view about the issue. His words build bridges to people who might feel alone in their suffering. I can hear how important it is for him and I applaud his courage. We need more people like him. If millions of people are affected, we might as well start an open dialogue to fight this disease.






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