Happy Mothers’ Day

Today, in Germany, we have Mothers’ Day. But even if it isn’t in your country, from time to time it is nice to think about our moms and what they mean to us.

To many of us, our mothers are a very important person. They not only nurtured us when we were kids, but they often play a crucial role in our emotional development. Nothing against our dads, but women, on average, are better to talk about emotions and have better antennas for social situations.

I think mothers are especially important for men. There might be several reasons for it, one of them that the mother is the first real female love a man has. When we are younger, they not only make sure that we are fed, but they often work as our time manager and make sure that everything runs smoothly.

They are often the gentle voices and the person we talk to when we suffer hardship. Mothers have to endure a lot. Not only giving birth to a child but with all of the things mentioned above and hundreds of other small things they do, they definitely deserve this day. And actually, not only this day. It shouldn’t take a day to remind ourselves what we have in our mothers. So, from time to time, do something nice for your mom. It can be as simple as a call to check in with her, if you didn’t talk in a while.

Happy Mothers’ Day to all the mothers out there! =)


Hugs and love, Stephan


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