Hedonism vs. Eudaimonia – part II

Yesterday, I started writing about happiness. To be more precise the difference between Hedonism and Eudaimonia, and what role they play in my life. Yesterday, I focused on Hedonism and today I will continue with Eudaimonia.

Eudaimonia is something deeper and more sustainable. When you click on the link to Eudaimonia you find the following questions:

What is eudaimonia?” is then the same question as “What are the best activities of which man is capable?”

What are my best activities that I am capable of? Those are things we share. One of those activities is gratitude. When I think about my life and the things, I have accomplished, I know I didn’t get to this point alone. Being grateful and demonstrating gratitude is something that creates a deeper more meaningful connection for me. A nice side benefit, when I express gratitude I make two people happy. Myself and the person receiving the gratitude.

Love is another activity. Showing love and understanding for others and myself is maybe the single best activity leading to Eudaimonia. It might also be one of the hardest. Especially, when I speak about unconditional love. Loving someone or something without expecting something in return creates a lot of bliss in my life. But, for being able to love unconditionally, I need to understand, and I need to love myself. In my past and also now, I want to be loved and sometimes need to be loved, because I want to fill a void. Even, if I want to love unconditionally, this makes it way more difficult.

Becoming the person, I could be, is another activity that adds to Eudaimonia. When I constantly challenge myself and when I take risks, I often feel very good. Either already during the process or afterwards. I have so many ideas in my head, which probably would bring me closer to fulfilling my potential. In the past, I was not very good at taking action. This slowly but surely changes.

For me, Eudaimonia also means balance and peace of mind. It is a powerful source of energy, when I am in a balanced state. Neither good nor bad incidents can throw me off track. It is often accompanied with a sense of lightness. During those times, I dance a lot, even or especially when I am alone, and I also sing or hum more often. I can appreciate the beauty of nature and I walk more slowly. It is also easier to be mindful. I think this is a positive cycle. The more mindful I am (by training mindfulness), the more balanced I am and vice versa.


Have a wonderful day and take care!


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