Do you want to be famous? – Reflection on Avicii

If you are at least remotely into electronic music or music in general, you might have heard of Avicii. His real name is Tim Bergling and he was a Swedish music producer and DJ. He became only 28 years. Another young artist dying way too early. This article is about my own reflections on a life that ended too soon and a life being famous.

I was very surprised when I read the news that he died and when someone as young as he was dies, it peaks my interest and I wrote a couple of articles. He suffered from a painful disease pancreatitis, but he kept on producing music and touring. He was an introvert (he proclaimed it himself in the Netflix documentary after reading Jung and his archetypes).

As his death took place rather recently I just read more about the cause of his death and although it is not official, it looks as if he committed suicide. And I just started crying and still am. His family wrote that he couldn’t go any longer and wanted to find his peace.

A thoughtful person, a person who made so many people happy with his music. He produced so much happiness for people around him and yet he couldn’t find meaning and he couldn’t find the power to move on with his life. Why?

He pushed himself hard and probably often beyond what a single individual is capable of doing and bearing. The documentary also shed a light on what it means to be famous. People expecting you to deliver, they expect you to work as a machine. It is so difficult to see it now and to watch how he himself was struggling with this life. Other people telling him to do events even though his body and his mind were not capable of producing any more. People telling him if he thought about all the money he gives up by cancelling shows and all the additional costs that come along with that. The real topic should have been, what they can do to help him. Why is he in this state in the first place?

This makes me very angry.

You might think that a famous person has everything. Of course, you probably don’t have to worry about money any more. If you know how to handle money of course. But how much are you in charge of your own life anymore?

I hope that he found his peace. And I also want to focus on the living. When you suffer from depression or a general meaninglessness in life. Speak to people and maybe consider getting help. And if you have a friend who might suffer a lot, have an open ear and open heart. Don’t you dare to push this person any further only because you can benefit from that. No matter in which setting.

And there is meaning in this life. Sometimes we just have to find it or create it ourselves. You are stronger than you think.



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