Travel to Chile – Summary

It’s been ten days since I returned from Chile. I think it is a good time to summarize my experience for myself. Let’s see where this article leads =).

So, how did I end up in Chile? The original plan was to fly to Saint Petersburg spending the time with my ex-girlfriend and reinvigorate our relationship. I already bought the tickets, but then something happened that made me think. We spoke about it and couldn’t come to a solution. I was rather confused for a long time. I mean it started in Summer of last year and only at the beginning of this year did it really start to get better. I was torn and needed time. She wanted an answer which is her good right, but I couldn’t give one, because I needed time to think. Which is also my good right. A long-distance relationship is already a difficult thing to try. It gets even more difficult, when there are problems. I think it would have turned out differently when we had been able to be physically together to speak about it. Right now, I have to live with it.

Now, what to do with my four weeks of vacation? During the last year, I often talked to a dear friend of mine. Her family and she recently moved to Chile. I didn’t want to stay in Germany for the whole time and the thought of getting away was attractive, so I asked her, if I could stay with her for some time. Her parents directly said, I can stay as long as I want to and a couple of days later I bought the tickets.

The next day, I asked myself what have I done? I am a nervous flyer and going there and back are four flights and more than 30 hours spend in the air. Talks with my mom and friends helped me to calm down a bit again and although I was still nervous my curiosity was bigger.

All in all, the flights were okay. I am still not a big fan, but I know in order to go to distant places, I need to fly, and I am okay with that.

When I arrived in Chile, I finally felt like being on vacation. The weather was warm, people speaking in a foreign language, and many new impressions made me even more curious about the country. After another 5-hours ride to Chillán, my friend picked me up from the bus terminal and we went to their house. The first impression of her family was really great and all the days spending time with them just confirmed my initial feeling. I am really grateful to them for letting me stay in their house, cooking for me, and helping wherever possible. It also made my trip to Chile something special.

I knew that my friend needed to work during the weekdays, but we spend the weekends and evening doing things. What exactly, you can read in my other entries =). My plan was to read a lot and to figure out what I will do next. And oh my god was I far from reaching my goal. Of course, my friend and I had long discussions about life, relationships, and so on, but when I was on my own, I didn’t want to think. I wanted to experience my journey and I think I also needed time from everything. Letting my subconscious digest to process everything later on.

Even writing the blog took more effort than normal, although I had plenty of time. What I learned from it is to a) not take so many books with me, b) not make a plan that requires me to work, and c) to be okay with not doing much during my vacation. I learned that I set myself up for failure when I try to use my needed (!!!) vacation to work on something that requires a lot of mental effort.

I met lovely people in Chillán and Santiago and the whole country is so diverse and lovely that I have to come back. I am very grateful for my friend Lisa who was also a big support in the last 10 months. It will be a journey I will remember all my life. I am also thankful that I had the means to do it. Moreover, without the support of my parents and family and my professor, I hadn’t had the chance to study and to do the study program I wanted to, which led me to meet Lisa. Everything is interconnected, and individual success is always a group effort.

If you have questions about my time in Chile, you can write me an E-mail =).


Have a wonderful day and take care!


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