Get your shit together

The heading might be a bit vulgar, but I am not addressing you, but rather myself. Or maybe you also need to get things in order, then maybe my reflection is helpful for you as well.

It sounds harder than I mean it. It is a way of provoking myself a bit or to kick myself in the butt. Yes, sometimes I need this. But, I can only do it or be open to this method, when I am balanced enough and strong enough. I think the time has come. So, if you are already pretty harsh on yourself and you don’t really feel that stable, pushing yourself like that might not be the best thing to do. It always has to come from a position of love! Maybe this means that you need to be patient with you at the moment. For me, I am now able to apply a tougher love towards myself. But don’t get me wrong, I still come from a position of love for myself. And no matter what your state of mind is, be patient with yourself!

So, how do I want to get my shit together? It has a lot to do with taking on responsibility. I really love to take on responsibility. But in the past, I was better at taking responsibility for a group than I was at doing the same for myself and my life. What I do right now is to create a shift of mind. This only works, if I am completely honest with myself. That is, because I need to reflect on my actions and then own my mistakes. The outcome is that I can tell myself: Yes, I made a lot of mistakes, and if I had the chance, I’d do things differently. But I won’t let those thoughts keep me from living in the here and now, and from taking the next step(s). I also means that I have to endure a certain level of sadness and also a feeling of discomfort.

It feels as if I make the next step of becoming a better man. I somehow feel that it might take a bit until I fully live that, but the last couple of days, the thought of me being responsible, though a counterintuitive, because harsh, thought, gives me the strengths to handle it. I will see how this goes.


Have a wonderful day and take care!



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