Tea of the Month: April 2018

This month’s Tea of the Month is one of my oldest favorites. It is a flavored green tea called Grenoille.

It is green tea with peach and a very mild vanilla flavor. The first thing you will like about the tea is its smell. Actually, you could just use it as a room refresher, such a pleasant smell has it. That’s probably what motivated me to try this one. Everyone I let it smell, loved it.

But, a tea is not so much about the smell and more about the flavor. This tea holds what its smell promises. It tastes mildly like peach. You cannot really taste the vanilla, but I guess that is what makes this tea so mild. Even if you drink the third infusion, you still have a nice peach flavor.

When I drink it hot, I don’t add any sugar, honey, or lemon juice to it. The pure flavor is already fruity enough and doesn’t need any sweetness added. However, when I prepare the ice-tea version, I normally add a little bit of lemon or lime juice. This does not only help to hinder the oxidation process, which makes green and black tea more bitter, but it also is somehow more refreshing.

How do I prepare the hot version?

For a liter, I take about 4-5 tea spoons and put it into a tea pot. Then I boil the water to 80-90 degrees Celsius. I have a kettle that has different temperature settings, so it is easy to make it 90 C° hot. If you have a regular kettle you need to wait for roughly 7 minutes to get to 90 C° (after boiling) and about 20 minutes to reach 80 C°. Then, I let it steep for about 2 minutes. I use the same tea for up to 3 infusions.

How do I prepare the cold version?

For a delicious ice-tea, you have to do all the steps of brewing the hot tea first. Then, I put the tea pot into a bowl or bucket of cold water. Sometimes, I also add some ice cubes. I also put in it a large spoon so that some of the heat can vanish through the spoon as it gets warm and the air outside cools it down again. Additionally, I add the lemon or lime juice to prevent the oxidation process. If it is cold enough, I put it either into the fridge or the freezer. And voilà, you have made yourself a refreshing, healthy, and delicious ice-tea for the upcoming summer =).


Have a wonderful day and take care!


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