Travel to Chile – VIII

This is the eighth part of my travel blog about Chile. If you want to start with the first entry, you can click here. If you are interested in the last entry, you will find it here.

On Saturday, my way led me back to Santiago. This meant, spending the last couple of days alone. And the start could not have been better.

I arrived around 5 pm in Santiago after a 5-hours bus ride. Then, for the first time in my life, I used an Uber to get to my hotel. Uber seems to have a strong position in Santiago. The prices are also way cheaper than going by taxi. After a 20-minute ride from the bus terminal to my hotel, I finally got the chance to breathe deeply. Then the question came to my mind. What am I going to do with my time here in Santiago?

First, I checked out the hotel pool. I stay at the Mercure Hotel close to the city center. When I made my way to the pool, I stepped onto the roof terrace with a lovely view.

Santiago - Hotel.png

After swimming for a bit and relaxing on the terrace, I felt hungry. Via Trip Advisor, I found a nice little Burger Place called Holy Moly. When I walked to the restaurant, I saw a nice park and what seemed to be a fortress on a hill. I made some pictures and determined to check it out on Sunday.

Santiago - Park.png.jpg

A couple of minutes later, I arrived at the burger joint. I was greeted by a very friendly guy, who I got to knew later, was one of the founders. Their restaurant is small but lovely decorated. What I like, too is that they have a very small menu. That is often a sign of good quality as they can focus on the few dishes they serve. I took the menu with a cheeseburger, an ice tea and fries. And, it was really delicious. The portion was also exactly right. Not too much, but also not too little.

Santiago - Holy Moly I.png.jpg.png

Santiago - Holy Moly II.png.jpg.png


Danny, one of the founders took some time to sit down with me and just have a chat. It was really nice talking to him, so we agreed to meet in the evening again, to have a beer together. But more on that in a different entry =)


Have a wonderful day and take care!


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  1. This cheeseburger looks delicious !!


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