Travel to Chile – VII

This is the seventh part of my travel blog about Chile. If you want to start with the first entry, you can click here. If you are interested in the last entry, you will find it here.

Last Saturday, before we went to the wine festival in the evening, my friend and I drove a bit through the region, discovering what other villages might have to offer. At our first stop, we came by a lake that reminded me of a lake in Berlin (Müggelsee). Unfortunately, at this time it was a bit too cold to have a swim.

Chile - tour - lake.png

Here, I also got the opportunity to take some pictures of the Chilean flora. The whole area belonged to a kind of camping area with bungalows. I think it might be a nice place to spend a few nice days with friends and family to have bbq, swim and just having a good time. But back to the pictures of the plants:

Chile - tour - flora.png

We drove for a while through small villages. Our goal was to see the old bridge spanning the river. After crossing the river, we found a spot where we could actually walk down to the river bed, taking pictures. It was such a peaceful and quite place. So vast, under a blue sky, surrounded by nature.

Chile - tour - river.png

Although I don’t like to do it, I want to provide you with a picture of me as well:

Chile - tour - Stephan.jpg


Oh, and I forget to show you something I spotted during the wine festival. It is a table, and, in the middle, you have your grill. That is just perfect for having a nice little BBQ with friends.

Chile - tour - bbq.jpg

So much to do and so much to see. I am glad my friend took the time to show me around and discover the region.


Have a wonderful day and take care!



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