Chile – random moments II

During my stay in Chile, I don’t go to another place every day. However, I do experience little things, that tell more about the country and the city.

Yesterday, I went to the city completely on my own. I wanted to get, write, and send postcards to my family and friends, and I also wanted to just explore the city by food.

Finding postcards in Chillán is an adventure in itself. My friend and I asked in several places where to get some. It was only by accident that I found this one small shop, and also only because I turned around while walking along the street. As the choice was limited, I only bought two the first time I discovered the shop. I still had hope to find other motives. But this hope was foolish.

So, I turned on google maps, and made my way to the shop. It was a nice, sunny day, but expected to be raining later. A quarter of the way, I had to walk along the road as there were no pavements. But when dogs can run down the streets (more on that later), I can do too.

Once I arrived at the shop, I bought ALL remaining postcards of Chillán. I got lucky to find two more of the whole Chile, but I also had to buy two cards from a city I didn’t go to. Though I hope I can during the upcoming weekend. As the weather was still nice, I sat on a bank at the main park in the city. I wrote 13 postcards and was done after an hour.

Then, the next hurdle waited for me. Sending them away. Apparently, you can only send them away in the post office. Sometimes, people in Germany complain how slowly you make progress while waiting in line in the German post offices. In Chillán, that was a whole other level. There were maybe 6 people in front of me, and it took me more than an hour until it was my turn.

The initial request for the postcards came from my grandpa. He is very much into stamps and that is why he asked me to send him a card. Unfortunately, they don’t have any stamps anymore. I used google translate to ask them for stamps, but both women on the counter said they don’t have any. Maybe, I will try to send another postcard in Santiago to make my grandpa happy.

I also learned that Monday is the resting day for most restaurants in Chillán. As I was hungry and didn’t want to wait until I was back at my friend’s place, I decided to go to the marked. When I arrived and strolled through the market halls, three women, more or less, tried to drag me into their tiny restaurant to eat there. As I don’t like to be dragged against my will, I made another round and settled in a different restaurant where the owner was more inviting. I had a fantastic Longoniza and some tea.

Then, it was time to make my way back. At around half the way in, I was walking along a long straight road, I saw a dog running in the middle of the right lane. Honestly, he behaved like a car. He didn’t stop, he didn’t slow done and he was running in the MIDDLE of the street, followed by a car some distance away. When he passed by me, I turned my head to look at him and he turned his/her head to look at me. I think we both thought: what is he doing there =).

What a wonderful country!


Have a wonderful day and take care!


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