Personal reflection

Today, I thought a lot about my ex-girlfriend. My friend and I were driving for the most part through the country, just discovering new cities. This gave me plenty of time to think about her.

I can still say that I miss her. A couple of days ago, she read a few of my entries, which brought her back on my mind. My feelings for her are very special. Half of the day I was torn between writing her or not writing her. I didn’t make up my mind yet. I will sleep one night over it and see how I feel tomorrow. But, I don’t know how she would react. It is only a month since we ended it. I fear she will either be mad at me or she won’t write back at all. I can understand both.

Although I am still torn about her, my feelings for her are still strong. At the moment, I just wish we could talk. I value our conversations a lot, and it is one aspect why I fell in love with her. But maybe it is just too early. I can’t say anything that helps with our situation and I am not sure, if she was okay with just writing. Furthermore, I don’t know, if it was good for me as well. Would I fall back in my old behavior? I somehow think, that I need some more stability first. On the other hand, I still would very much like to talk to her. I don’t know if she is going to read this, but I wish her well.

It is still a difficult thought not to see or speak to her ever again. One, I can handle better now, but nonetheless difficult.

Probably this entry wasn’t all too interesting for you. Sometimes, I like to use this medium to reflect and to write down what is on my mind. I hope you don’t mind. Tomorrow, I will probably write more about my experiences in Chile again =)


Have a wonderful day and take care!


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