Chile – random moments

During my stay in Chile, I don’t go to another place every day. However, I do experience little things, that tell more about the country and the city.

The first thing I noticed early are the stray dogs in Chillán. I mean I also saw them in Santiago, so I guess they behave the same everywhere. They are really, really nice. They are very friendly, maybe follow you for a while but I didn’t hear a single bark from them. They seem healthy and curious, but also very relaxed. On the picture you can see a stray dog that just lay between another group and us, not really caring about either of them.

Chillán - stray dog

It is also beautiful to see how friendly and curious people in Chillán are. Be it in a restaurant or when you are invited to a friend’s house. They smile a lot and ask questions. To sum up, they are very nice people. On the first image you see snacks and wine. The daughter of my friend’s accountant is living just around the corner. She invited the both of us to chat and have dinner together. As she went to Deutsche Schule (German School) here in Chillán, she wanted to see how good her German still is. I could understand her very well and the more she spoke, the better it got. It was a wonderful evening with a mix of Spanish, English, and German all mixed together. Oh, and the wine was delicious, and I prepared the guacamole which met the Chilean standards as she wanted to keep the rest =).

Chillán - dinner I

As I like eating sushi, we looked up a sushi restaurant here in Chillán one evening. The waiter was very patient when explaining the menu and taking the order and after the meal spoke a bit with my friend and complimented her on her very good Spanish. I really liked the sushi, but I maybe ate a bit too much^^.

Chillán - dinner II

That’s it for today. I wish all of you a wonderful day and take care!


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