Chile: an interlude II

Before I traveled to Chile, I told myself that in those three weeks, I will work on my future plans, I will give a mindfulness training, and I will just read and read and read. Since I arrived, I didn’t do any of those, besides reading. And that also not as much as I thought I would. Do I feel bad because of it? No.

With regards to the mindfulness training, my laptop prevented me from doing it, because I couldn’t install the necessary program. However, I am quite glad, I don’t do it. I really enjoy that I have the freedom to not do anything, if I don’t feel like it. And although I still have some days in Chile, I am not sure, if I will work on my future.

Of course, I think about it from time to time. Still, I enjoy taking in the full experience of being in Chile. Probably, if I had more time here, I would start thinking about it more and more, and eventually planning my next steps. However, I feel that this is how I lived most of my life. Living in the past or in the future. I am in a wonderful country, surrounded by wonderful people. I think I might regret not focusing on the here and now more than not working on my next steps.

Even writing the blog is harder. Although I have way more time, I struggle with writing something meaningful. Not that there are no more topics, I find meaningful and I cannot write about, but as I wrote in an earlier entry, I need to feel like writing about it. It is easier with writing about my experiences here in Chile. Maybe because it is easier to write about what I experienced here, instead of thinking about deep and “meaningful” things, which have to be reflected upon and digested before I am able to write them down.

Life in Chile lets me reflect, mind you. But it feels like an ongoing process which I didn’t see the end of it yet. So, there is no need and no sense for me to start writing about it. It still feels like looking through opaque glass. Maybe the day after tomorrow will bring some clarity. Then, there is the wine festival in Chillán. So, I will trust the sentence: In vino veritas =)


Have a wonderful day and take care!


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