Travel to Chile – II

This is a series about my trip to Chile. If you want to read the first entry, just click here.

Just arrived in Chillan, my second day was mainly spent away from the city. After a well-deserved and much needed sleep, we had a late breakfast and then, my friend and I, were heading towards the ocean. One of the biggest benefits of Chile is its shape. If you live or stay in a city in the middle, it only takes you 90 minutes to the Pacific in the west, and 90 minutes to the mountains in the east. Our goal was to see the Pacific Ocean, because my friend also didn’t manage to go there yet.

We started our ride beneath a clear, blue sky and an intense sun. How intense the sun is in Chile, I got to know to my detriment. But more on that later. During the ride, I could see all kinds of little shops or people selling vegetables or fruits. Everything looked very delicious. When we arrived at the ocean, the sea was so vast, it almost looked like the sky was divided.

We arrived at the beach and although it was sunny, the wind was strong, and it was a bit cold. That is when I buried my goal to swim a bit in the Pacific^^. However, we had a nice walk along the beach and when we were tired from walking we took out a blanket and sat at the beach. The view was amazing. Maybe 150 meters into the ocean was a huge rock. At the beginning, I thought it is just a regular brown rock. But then I heard the noises and took a closer look. The whole rock was covered with sea lions. One of them even swam to the beach, not far from where we were sitting. There were huge waves and I loved smelling the sea air.

After chatting for quite a while, we both became hungry. During a short break on our way to the ocean, a woman recommended us to go to a certain place to have sea food. Although we didn’t really know where to go, we drove in the direction she told my friend. Shortly before we wanted to get back, thinking we won’t find it, we actually found the place. It reminded me that sometimes the goal can be very close, but we quit, not knowing how close we came to reach our goals.

There, my friend highlighted my general redness on one side of my face. The cool from the ocean wind fooled me that I am not in danger of getting a sunburn. But, I was very wrong. I got burned quite bad, but not that bad that I couldn’t sleep at night. However, I was very grateful that they had some aloe vera at home =).

We ate a delicious fried fish with a tomato salad and made our way back to Chillan. On our way back, we stopped at a strawberry farm, who sold delicious strawberries. It was also when we got to know the peculiar business deals of Chile. One kilo strawberries were 1000 pesos, and 1,5 kilos costed 2000 pesos. My friend actually asked twice, because she thought she didn’t understand correctly. For the next 30 minutes, I tried to come up with a reason why they do it this way but with no success^^.

When we arrived in Chillan, her parents already prepared a nice meal for dinner, and afterwards I felt how tired I still was and went to bed around 10-11 pm Chilean time. It was a wonderful day in a beautiful country. I hope I will experience more during the rest of my stay.


Have a wonderful day and take care!

Stephan (Chillán, 20:27)


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    Pictures please 🙂


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