Travel to Chile – I

On Wednesday evening I started my trip to Chile. Over the next three weeks, I will write about my experiences.

When my parents brought me to the airport in Berlin, it was the start of a 30-hour long ride to my final destination in Chillan, Chile. The first flight brought me from Berlin, Tegel to Paris. Because Paris has a big airport and the flight had a delay, combined with 80 minutes until the next plane will start, I was in a bit of a hurry when I left the plane.

However, there was no need, because the gate was closer than expected and I even had enough time to buy some water and food for the upcoming flight. This flight would take me from Paris to Santiago de Chile and would last 14 hours. That is by far the longest flight I experienced in my life. Maybe you also know from former entries, that I am a nervous flyer, so I was a bit (okay more than a bit =) ) anxious about the flight.

The fact that the flight had long stretches of turbulences wasn’t helping to ease my nervousness, but in general it was okay. The food was very good, although I am not very demanding. The best thing however was my neighbor. Actually, we didn’t really talk until 2-3 hours before landing. But then we had a very interesting conversation. He is a professor at a university and his area are earthquakes and tsunamis. He came straight from a talk he gave in Tokyo. So, my 18 hours journey until then was put into perspective after he told me he lost his sense for time after a 30-hour trip.

We spoke about what I will do in Chile and he proposed some things I should visit. We spoke about what he does and where he lived and other things. He is also very good at painting and he painted something small for me. In return, I let him choose one of my marker selection. Kindness should be paid back in kindness!

At no point in time during the whole trip was I lost. Due to my friend’s effort, I knew exactly where to go and what to look for. Once I arrived in Santiago, I had plenty time to get to my next destination, a bus terminal in Santiago. Oh, and once I went out of the baggage claim and customs areas, I smelled vacation. For me, sometimes I don’t feel it at first that I am on a vacation, but I smell the difference. I don’t know if that makes sense at all =).

After waiting for a while at the bus stop and using the little Spanish I know to buy a water without gas and a Pepsi, I finally could enter the bus which would bring me to my final destination. My friend was so nice to buy the bus ticket for me and she selected a very nice spot in the bus, right at the front, so I can see everything during the ride. It took a little longer than 5 hours, but finally I arrived in Chillan. My friend was already waiting for me and at that point in time, I didn’t fully comprehend yet that I was on a different continent, seeing a friend I really saw the last time 4 years ago.

She drove us to their place, which is in a wonderful neighborhood. It is calm and green, and the house is nice. As I wasn’t that tired, we had a long walk and talk, which was the perfect end of my journey and the perfect start of my time in Chillan. I am excited what else I will see and experience, and I will let you know.


Have a wonderful day and take care!

Stephan (Chillan, time of writing 30.03.2018; 21:53)

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  1. Enjoy your trip ! 🙂

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