Wim Hof Method: an update

For 47 days I practice the Wim Hof method. Well, not entirely. For two weeks, I adjusted the way I practice it a bit. In this entry, I want to give an update on my experiences so far.

The first two weeks were actually a fight against my desire to just stand under a hot shower and relax. Especially, if you had intense days, it is still cold outside, and your way to work is a long walk outside. Sometimes, it felt as if my lungs tried to flee my body, so heavily did I breathe. But, and it is a big but, even after a week or so, I felt the first effects. We had about -10 degrees in the morning for some days, and I felt the cold, but it didn’t bother me, and I wasn’t freezing all the time. This already helped me to get going.

In between, I got sick, but this was not due to trying the method. I get sick when I go through a difficult time or have to process something, like the end of a relationship. That is also the reason why I adjusted the way I do it and I kept doing it until now. Now, I start with a hot shower, but then I turn off the water, soap myself and continue with a very cold shower. I thought that my body would scream at me changing from hot to cold again, but it was actually very easy. I don’t breathe heavily, and I also don’t shiver under the cold shower.

Moreover, it is still very nice to get out from a very cold shower, feeling refreshed and energized. I will probably continue doing this for a few more days, and then I switch back to only cold showers again. So, if you are cold all the time, and you yearn for warmer days, try taking cold showers to ease your waiting and feeling warmer already =)


Have a wonderful day and take care!



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