YCOTM – Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

I like to watch political satire like Late Night with Seth Meyers, or The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, or The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. They all have two things in common. They are funny, and they are male. But, there is a female perspective on things, too: Full Frontal with Samantha Bee.

She is obviously an intelligent woman, who isn’t shy to provoke or address difficult topics. But what I like most about her is that she covers topics that are not always part of the main news cycle. When everyone cries out, because of the latest thing the president said or did, she looks for and covers topics that are not as present, but often way more important.

She more than others tries to educate people to navigate themselves through the political jungle. Sometimes, the line is thin between laughing and crying when watching her videos. She highlights injustices and she promotes taking action. I think that people who are in this field have a responsibility to use their platform wisely. I don’t say the others don’t use it, I just say that she is going the extra mile in my opinion.

It is also good to have a female perspective. Of course, I love John Oliver and co, but I think that as a male, it is easy to relate to them. That is why I am glad to know more about topics and points of view from a female perspective.

So, if you want to educate yourself and still have a fun time doing so, why not watching some of her videos =)


Have a wonderful day and take care!


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