Mindfulness in schools

As a frequent ready of this blog, you might know that I am a big advocate of mindfulness. I think it has the potential to change our lives drastically. I also should replace the “think” with ” I know from my own experiences”, but maybe more on this in another entry. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that I am in favor of including mindfulness in many aspects of our lives. Especially in our work. And what is work for children? School =)

When we are young, we are more open to new experiences and it is easier to mold us. We can implement many good things as well as bad things that will have effects on our lives later on. With an ever-increasing pace of society and more and more opportunities, and an information overload, children (and grown-ups as well) face uphill battles, when it comes to how to deal with everything that happens around us.

Why not instill a healthy dose of mindfulness into our children? They will be the leaders and shapers of future generations and will probably deal with even more problems than we do. That is why I am in favor of teaching mindfulness in every school and in every class. It doesn’t need to be long but creating a habit to sit down and observe can be a huge help for dealing with everything that is thrown at them.

There are already schools who incorporated mindfulness in their schedule. But even if your kids’ school doesn’t have such a program, you can easily sit down with them for 5 minutes a day. It will help them, and it will help yourself.

Let us create a healthier and more mindful world together. Our children will be grateful.

Watch the video to know a bit more about those programs and their effects:


Have a wonderful day and take care!


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  1. I totally agree with you !


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