The struggle to find meaning

What is the reason or what are the reasons we face increasing numbers of people with depression, anxiety disorders, or people who want to or just do drop out of society altogether? Is the success we have as a society to blame? Does the fulfilment of most of our needs leads us to wanting more, without knowing what it is or how to get there?

I mean, it is important for me to find meaning in what I do. A couple of years back or even a couple of decades back, people had other things to worry about. So maybe it is a good sign, I and so many others are looking for something meaningful. I think that meaningful work is always related to making society better off. Be it a piece of art which conveys love or helps us to reflect or be it a hobby that brings not only joy to us but helps us to connect with others.

But maybe our current economic system or society didn’t match the same pace as our personal development in that society. Sometimes it can feel like being chained to a treadmill. We are moving, but we are not free to choose where we are going to. Many people work just to have enough money to provide for themselves and their families. Some might also work and get enough to spend it on a hobby. I don’t argue that some also draw tremendous joy and energy from their work, but I think that’s not the majority. You could say, well if you can find meaning in your hobby everything is fine. Again, for some, this might be true. However, many are sucked out of energy to find, commit to, or enjoy a hobby. Sometimes, we have so many hopes and wishes and energy, but after a long day at work, we are happy to just lie down and relax.

Sometimes, the only way out they see is to drop out. I know quite a few people who dropped out or are planning to, to find themselves or to travel the world. Often the purpose is to find meaning and a happy life. I think we need to help one another to achieve that. And I don’t accept that it has to be the way it is. So many people are left behind, although they want to do good, but they don’t know how, or don’t see this scenario as feasible to sustain a living.

I think a good first step is to talk to each other what provides us meaning. And then, not crushing those hopes, but rather finding solutions to get there. Many people live in abundance. I think there is no reason why we cannot use all that wealth to create a society that helps everyone to find meaning and be rewarded for that.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.


Have a wonderful day and take care!



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  1. This is so true ! As you said, I think that our society and th way it functions is late compared to the individuals. You see more and more books and things about self development, finding your purpose, living happily etc. But our society is still the same. We need the same jobs, and you still have to work and gain money if you want to eat, pay the rent, etc. We’re getting used to find meaning in our personal life so we try to do the same for our job but it doesn’t work the same…

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    1. The question is: does it need to be this way? There are so many things we take as a given, but what, if we refuse to let this remain the status quo?

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