Be wary who you follow

We are confronted with and exposed to a lot of news. Many people who think or claim they have the answers and know what is right or wrong. Who can, or should I trust when looking for guidance?

I think a good rule of thumb is to be careful. Especially of people who behave as if they know everything. If you are looking for someone who is wise, you won’t find it with people who tell you they know everything and how you should do this or that. It doesn’t mean there is not a kernel of truth in what they say. But, blindly following others without asking questions or trying to know more about something from different sources and points of view is very dangerous.

Also, a clear sign is when people preach hatred. If they are looking for an external explanation why things are bad and when they blame others, it is a clear sign to stay away. This is leading by fear. It is very powerful. Often it is disguised as love and hard to detect. But to “defend” my own group by harming others cannot be the right way. Violence and hatred produce only more violence and hatred.

But also, don’t easily absorb what I am writing. I want you to challenge my thinking. I want to you to doubt and to speak with others and to get your own experiences. Guidance can be very helpful. But don’t follow easily. Compare, reflect, and draw your own conclusions. And even if you follow someone. It is allowed to have a different opinion. I just want you to be careful, because guidance can be a force for good, but also a force for bad.


Have a nice day and take care!



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