Tea of the month: March 2018

The tea of the month for March 2018 is actually a different version of the tea of the month of December 2017. It is another way to fight off the cold and sickness.

A while ago, I was visiting my parents. My mother told me that they are drinking a certain kind of tea which my father was served in some restaurant. She said it is also with ginger and honey, but instead of lime juice, we use freshly-squeezed orange juice.

When I first drank it, I fell in love. I still love the version with lime juice, but when I should decide, I would go for the version with orange juice. I especially like the fruit flesh from oranges in my tea. It is very mild in comparison to using lime juice but it still has that juicy freshness.

What do you need for one liter of tea?

You need 2 oranges, a medium sized ginger root (that is really up to your liking, but it definitely needs some ginger in it =) ), and some honey for sweetening later.

My father prepares the tea in the following way:

He cuts the ginger in small slices and puts it into a filter. Then, he pours boiling water over it in a pot. He lets the ginger steep for 30+ minutes. Then, he squeezes the oranges and heats the juice in a small cooking pot. Then he mixes both together and viola, you have a delicious and healthy tea. If you want, you can sweeten it with honey.

I prepare the tea like this:

I slice the ginger and put it into a pot or a glass pitcher (heat resistant). Then, I squeeze the oranges and put the juice to the ginger in the pot. Now, I boil water and pour it in the pot, too. I put it on a teapot warmer and let it steep for at least 60 minutes. Sometimes even longer. Now, I also sweeten it with honey to my liking, or not at all.


I hope you enjoy this delicious beverage and I wish all of you a wonderful day!


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