Poem: calm

As I feel very balanced and calm today, I thought I write a poem about it =)


The mind empty, clear like a stream,

No bad thoughts, so does it seem.

The silence feels like a blanket, a thin-layered cover,

like a gentle, patient, warm-hearted lover.


What is happiness other than peace of mind?

So easy to miss and so hard to find.

We look everywhere but seldom within,

if you found it, you know what a treasure it has been.


This calm gives me power, and enables a different view,

It is these moments who bring me closer to what I should do.

It is like a fire burning inside of me,

Its color is white, and it is pulsing like energy.


How did I find it? The calmness and peace.

I made a decision and with that erased uncertainties.

I stood up for myself and was attentive to what I need,

Your body and mind will have the answers, if you pay them heed.


I know this calm is floating, clinging to it will drive it away,

So I will enjoy it to the fullest as long it does stay.

For me this is happiness, and that is what I seek,

Maybe you find it too, just listen to your body, be still and don’t speak.


Have a nice day and take care!




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