Interview: How to take charge of your dreams

Finally, I found the time to finish the text of another interview. This time, I interviewed one of my dear friends Robert. He is a very interesting person with a deep personality. And, you will get to know more about him in another interview. In this interview, we spoke about his experiences with lucid dreaming. A topic that fascinates me and that sometimes sounds like the movie Inception. However, lucid dreaming was here first =).

This time, I will try out a different way to write about the interview. Please let me know, if you like this question and answer style better than the other interview-entries.

Okay Robert, what the heck is lucid dreaming?

Lucid dreaming is about taking control of your dreams. You become aware that you are dreaming, while you are dreaming and it therefore possible to influence and shape your own dreams. It is also about interacting with your subconsciousness.

What is lucid dreaming for you and why do you do it?

I see it as an unused resource. My goal is to use it for solving problems, to have fun, and to speak to his ancestors, even though it is just your subconsciousness you are talking to. (Side note: we also spoke about this last point, and for him it is a way to communicate with his dead father, or at least to tell him things he’d like to say to him). It is also a way to be able to deal with nightmares and to put things into perspective.

Since when do you practice lucid dreaming?

For about 14 months as of now.

How do you practice it?

First and foremost, it is a training. The first step is to have a dream journal. You place it near your bed, together with a pen. When you woke up, the first thing you do is to write down what you can remember from your dreams last night. In the beginning it is difficult, but it improves with practice. In a second step, it is important to set the intention to remember the dream.  You do this before you get to sleep. The next step in the training is to do a reality check during the day. It is to check whether you are awake or still dreaming. For example, you can ask yourself the question: Am I awake right now? I know that I am awake, when I hold my nose and try to breathe through the nose. When you are still dreaming, it will be possible to breath anyway. There are also other methods to do the reality check.

There are two ways to become lucid. Either you fall asleep being already lucid, or you become lucid while you are already sleeping. There are a couple of dream signs. They help you realize that you are in a dream. For example, it is possible to fly, or you have additional body parts. They can also be very personal. I often go by public transportation during the day. So, while I am in a public transport or on my way to one, I do a reality check. The goal is to also be able to do this check while you are dreaming and therefore to realize that I am dreaming in order to become lucid. I also regularly ask myself the question where I am and how I got there.

What are your experiences with lucid dreaming?

After one week of practice, I was better able to remember what I was dreaming about. After the first month, I had my first lucid moment. I was in my parents’ house and I realized that something was off. Then, I realized I am dreaming and I felt a tingle across my whole body and then everything became white and I woke up. To realize that you are lucid is only the first step. The bigger goal is to sustain a lucid dream. Tips how to make a lucid dream more stable are to touch dream objects or to start singing.

Some of my highlights were that I was once together with a group of people in my dream and it was raining and after I woke up, I could still feel the rain on my skin. I also received a written message in my dream that I should show myself more. Another time, I was again together with a group of people and I was in a room. I decided to walk out of the room and I was surprised how real the door handle felt. Being outside, I saw the moon shining and one of the dream characters approached me and started to say something, but then I woke up.

Another time, I was in a grocery store and there were dream characters who prompted me to go through walls and also their bodies. Once, there was a dream character who attacked me. Then I realized that I am dreaming and that I don’t want to be attacked. I put my mind to the fact that he should rather like me and then I hugged the character.

What is your next goal with lucid dreaming?

I want to become more stable while being lucid. And, to experience longer lucid dreams to be able to fly and have fun.

What literature can you recommend?

Exploring the word of lucid dreaming by Stephen LaBerge and Howard Rheingold.

Thank you very much Robert and I hope you will have more interesting experiences to share in the future.

Have a wonderful day and take care!


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