Unintentional thoughtlessness

Today, I had a short conversation with my sister that made me think. When and how often does my unintentional thoughtlessness cause bad feelings in others?

But let’s start from the beginning. My sister told me about a man in Berlin, who renovates apartments for rich people. As he is not wealthy himself, he was asked if it is difficult to work for such people. He said no, but one thing made him shake his head in lack of understanding. He said that often those are people who move to Berlin from elsewhere and they say that the rents in Berlin are so incredibly cheap. That thoughtlessness can cause dislike. Maybe the rents are not as expensive as in other cities, but the market for rooms for rent in Berlin is fierce. And it is growing more and more expensive and sometimes people are moved out of their apartment only that the owner can renovate it and sell or rent it to more wealthy people.

I don’t want to say that those who don’t think about others, in this case, the rich about the not so rich, are bad people. I think they are just thoughtless. I mean, we often compare ourselves with other people we know and who might have the same status of living. I just want to create an awareness to be more thoughtful. And I also asked myself when do I being thoughtless and cause disbelief or even anger?

I know I got lucky. I live in one of the most secure countries on earth with a very high standard of living and one of the best health care systems in the world. I know I had and have chances others might not have or have had. I also know that sometimes I forget this. And I want to say sorry to those who I made angry with my thoughtlessness.

I think it is good to have a good look in the mirror from time to time. Those stories help. It is easy to blame others for their behavior, and maybe it is justified. Though, I find it also an opportunity to think about, if I might act similar in other situations. To go back to the example. When I am on vacation in a country where it is quite cheap for me, I think I had my fair share of boasting how cheap everything is and how much I can afford there. I realized that this might upset others who live there. It doesn’t mean I should and have to live in the same way as the others, but it is about being humble and modest.

I don’t blame myself and neither should you. The goal is always to understand ourselves and others a bit better. I think that thinking about our unintentional thoughtlessness is a good start.


Have a wonderful day and take care!


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