Finding purpose

Find your purpose. For most people, this is easier said than done. I’d like to take you on my own journey to discover my purpose. In sporadic intervals, I will reflect on what my purpose might be and how I can find it. In this entry, I want to reflect about the connection between our interests and our purpose.

At the moment, I read a book which again states the importance of finding your/having a purpose. This is something you will read a lot, especially in self-development or leadership books. And I cannot help but to pause for a moment to think about my own purpose. Or what are the things I find meaningful. I also know that this can be rather frustrating or even feel like a burden, if you don’t have a clear answer to it.

However, maybe it is my own way of thinking about it. Maybe I give finding my purpose too much meaning. Because everyone says you need to find your meaning, I put myself under pressure to know it myself. I guess there might not be THE answer to what my purpose is, and that is okay. And I also know where I find meaning. But, I also feel I didn’t figure it out completely.

While I was reading the book and paused, I thought about what a purpose really is and how it differs from mere interests. This was the start of thinking of my interests as guides to show me my purpose. To give you an example. What does it say about my purpose that I like to play role playing games as video games? Firstly, I realized the link to my love for fantasy novels. I like those worlds be it in the game or created in my mind by the words of an author. I actually thought about writing a fantasy novel or short story myself. I enjoy the creativity in fantasy. There, I can already see the intersection between talent and passion. Maybe this is something, I would find purpose in. As those fantasy books and games also tend to have some educational aspects, I can see myself using this method to educate other people and help them finding or living a better life.

The same is true for giving trainings and also for mindfulness. Both are hobbies of mine, and both point me in a specific direction. Helping others. When I think about it right now, maybe it is not so much about finding the purpose what is difficult. Maybe it is living our purpose. Maybe it is so hard, because I know what it is, but I don’t live it yet. Maybe deep in our hearts and minds, we know what we are ought to do.

To live my purpose, I need to be brave. In an earlier entry I talked about the need to say yes at times. My yes back then, to facilitate a planning and vision weekend with a group of people opened up another possibility for me. I was asked to facilitate another vision workshop. Something I really love doing, because the topic comes with a lot of energy.

Let’s take steps together to find our purpose and to live it. Be they small or big. Every inch in the right direction will be a step closer to what we were meant to do =)


Have a wonderful day and take care!


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