Thoughts about Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, the day to cherish our loved significant other, a day that can be the cause of beautiful moments but also despair. That is why I want to dedicate this entry to those of you who are or feel alone. I can speak from my own experience that this day was not the most pleasant of days for me. I felt lonely and was longing for my soulmate to finally come to make my days brighter. I hope you already realize the fault in this belief.

Now you can say this came from a lack of self-confidence but the real issue behind was a lack of self-love. In general, we (and I include myself in this again) need to be better in creating self-esteem in a healthier way. This means that our task is to learn to show affection towards ourselves and to feel good about it, in contrast with relying and often depending on getting it from other people.

You are already enough. And don’t confuse it with not needing to grow and learn! That is a lifelong process necessary to grow understanding which in turn helps to improve relationships with yourself and others. What I mean by ‘enough’ is that you can find everything you need inside yourself. Be it love, confidence, understanding, patience… you name it. And if you have trouble finding it you can ask your friends or family for help or just drop me a mail and we can have a look together =)

What can be a good first step?

Well, I can tell you how I spent my last Valentine’s day:

Most importantly, I decided that I will make the day about myself and to feel good. So, I got up and instead of rushing to have breakfast and start working, I took my time to get up and meditate for a while. I drank a lot of tea and took my pauses at work when I felt I needed one. I prepared myself a healthy lunch (just vegetables in a pan) to do something good for my body as well. Directly after writing this mail I will do some exercises and then take a long hot bath while listening to relaxing music. Then I will continue reading a book and maybe I will even get myself a Turkish pizza =)

Now, I invite you too to fall in love with yourself. And to plan a date with yourself. Take a bath, read a book, drink something warm, do sport… basically whatever makes you feel good. Think about what you would do on a perfect date and just do it alone. It can be very nice to go to the movies alone or to have dinner or lunch or cocktail alone. Take a shower and dress nicely. Maybe have a fancy dinner (and yes, I consider having a Turkish pizza as fancy too ^^. Just treat yourself as if you would treat your loved significant other.

And don’t wait for next year’s Valentine’s Day. Do it tomorrow or if that is not possible within the next five days. You are important, treat yourself accordingly. And slowly but surely you will fall in love with yourself again maybe changing your life completely =)

Love yourself and love others! Just spread more love =)


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