Reflection: four months of writing a blog

Today 124 days of writing a blog are over. I already reached a third of my goal. This means, now it is time again to do my monthly reflection of writing a daily blog.

What I noticed is the change in topics. This is simply because I feel better. The end-year reflection and thinking about what should change this year is definitely contributing to that among other factors. Maybe there will be another change in topics, once I feel ready to write about love and relationships again. I guess, I will do it from time to time anyway, but not in this concentration as I did during the last three months. And I am already curious how and if my views change and what the tone will be like. What also helped is my increased mindfulness training. I try to sit down at least twice a day to meditate. This calms me down and gives me a new perspective on a lot of things. It also helps to keep my distance from getting to involved or emotional with certain topics.

As I feel better, I realize that the topics I write about have more of an external focus. I tend to write more about leadership and what can help others. I also did two more interviews which I need to finish ordering and writing down. I also have some more plans for the blog, but I am working on it. I hope I can give you an update soon. Moreover, I finally managed to sit down and create a first logo. Please let me know, if you like it or if you have other ideas for a logo. I also changed a bit with the colors and the font to make improve the readability.

My feeling from the reflection after the third month just repeated itself and grew stronger. It is as the weeks and months just fly by. I don’t want to look to far ahead and think about what will happen after the year is over. However, those thoughts cross my mind. I will try to enjoy every article. Sometimes they are not so good, and sometimes they are better. No matter what, I will try to have a smile on my face while writing those lines (for this entry? check! =) ).

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Be it only once or frequently. Time is the scarcest resource we have and I am grateful that you gave some time to listen to me!


Have a wonderful day and take care!


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  1. I really like the logo because, I love the colors and nicely represents all tiny bits of your stories. I am also curious how you meditate, how can you manage to meditate two times a day and for how long are you able to stand still?

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    1. Thank you Anna =) at the moment I do a breathing technique in the morning as a part of the Wim Hof method and then another 10-15 minutes in the evening close to bedtime. What do you mean by stand still? And I manage to include it in my schedule because a) I made it a priority and b) I changed my views how I want to spend my days.


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