Trying out the Wim Hof method

Due to my low blood pressure, I feel cold a lot. So, winter is a dreaded season. I tried to prepare myself and my immune system by having hot/cold-sequence showers, or by going to the balcony or outside and walk in snow with bear feet for a short while. However, nothing could keep my motivation sustainable. Now, I am taking another try with the Wim Hof method.

I try to listen to what life is trying to tell me. A couple of weeks ago I watched a short YouTube video by a woman, who did a self-experiment trying out the Wim Hof method and who was very happy with the outcome. This already gained my interest, but not enough to try it out myself. Last Saturday, I had a Skype call with some dear friends, and one of them told us that he is trying out the Wim Hof method and that he is also very happy with the effects. I interpreted life in a way that it suggests me to try it out myself, too. And so I did.

As I am still at the beginning (Today was only my second day), I am still fighting against the urge and the survival instinct to turn off the cold and turn on the hot water while taking shower^^. But I remained steadfast. But I won’t lie. It is a fight. It feels as if my legs grow numb, at least in the beginning. Moreover, I am shivering under the shower and then also after the shower, until I can wrap myself in my towel and put on some clothes. Then, I lie down and breathe deeply into my stomach. I inhale through my nose and exhale through my mouth. In the link above, you can find a good instruction on how to do the breathing exercise. And yes, it differs from mine, but I will try it out as well. And I just read that it is supposed to be done the other way around =).

I am curious what the effects will be on my body and my sensation of coldness. I am optimistic and I am also curious for how long I can endure it. I will try to give an update in a couple of weeks.


Have a wonderful day and take care!



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  1. J says:

    where’s the “link above”? 😦

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    1. First paragraph =) very end


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