Why all this greed?

At the moment, I am watching the Netflix series “Dirty Money” by Alex Gibney. And oh boy am I angry. I am aware that the show is designed to create emotions and that is not totally objective, but I like the fact that it also listens to people who are affected. The series is about companies and also individuals who are crazy rich and who used the system to exploit people. And often those people who have no chance to fight for themselves. While I watch this documentary and I shake my head, I ask myself: why all this greed?

But before I can write about this, I need to take a look into the mirror. At the moment, I work for a consultancy company. I get a good salary. And still, I also ask myself how I could earn more. Why is that? I think that I still want to have more saving to have no worries when thinking about the future and retirement. I also compare myself to others and what they have. Probably society has its influence on me as well, with all the commercials and what we see on tv or in magazines. But I also know that this “need” to earn more is shortsighted.

I know that I make more than 80 or even 90% of the world’s population. On average, I don’t spend half of my wage, indicating I could get along with less. When I also sit down and listen into myself, I realize that I don’t need much more. Unfortunately, who of us and how often sits down and reflects about that? And it isn’t enough to be aware of it once you realized it. It is so easy to forget and to get back into that spiral of wanting more. I include myself.

I also ask myself, if I would be different given the opportunity those people have. I’d say yes, but there is still some doubt, as we are all susceptible to power. But I also think that the people I call my friends and my family have a good influence on me. This might be one reason. Who are the people you surround yourself with? Is everyone driven by status and money? I guess then it is more likely to compete with them to be part of the group. Or does it have something to do with an inferiority complex? That you offset your “limitations” by proving that you are smarter, or wealthier than others? Is it a question of gaining and enforcing power? Maybe it is a mix of several factors.

What would your younger self say about you? And what does all this money bring? Somewhere I heard that being rich solves only one problem but brings countless other for a person. And the one thing we all crave, and need is something you cannot really buy with money: human connection.

I vouch that I will keep asking myself if my behavior has the potential to rip off people and if the way I earn my salary is ethical. I know there are grey areas and sometimes it is difficult to assess. But I will never let the desire to get more money alienate me from other human beings or actually any being. Please also hold me accountable.


Have a wonderful day and take care!


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