Give credit where credit is due

There are few things that really upset me, but one of it is when someone doesn’t give credit to another person when it is justified.

If you are a team member or a leader and your goal is to alienate your team, you should always present other peoples’ work as your own without giving praise to the ones who helped or created the work.  It leaves a very bad taste. My thoughts, when experiencing such a behavior, are that this person cannot be trusted, that he or she is selfish, and/or that this person has low self-esteem and needs to indulge in self-congratulation.

I remember one situation. A couple of years ago, I was attending a conference as a facilitator and we had a session for all participants where there was a speaker talking about finding the thing you want to do in life and how to do it. During that time I happened to read the book Finding your Element, by Sir Ken Robinson. The presentation was good, but he used a lot of the findings and sometimes even the exact words and phrases of this book. So, I was waiting for a reference to this author as it was obvious what his source had been. However, he didn’t say a word about it. After the speech, I approached him and asked why he didn’t mention the author and he apologized, but didn’t seem understanding. Ever since, I have a strange feeling when hearing him or meeting him again.

I mean it is not only a motivational factor to praise another person for their work, but for me this is about being a decent human being. People work hard to achieve something and then it is only justified to mention their work/achievements. Of course, most of what I write about is based on other peoples’ work and ideas. And I follow the approach: copy with pride. But it also goes along with mentioning the creator.

In case you are a leader, and you happen to present work that one of your team member created in front of a board or another panel, tell them who was involved in creating this outcome. Or, even better, invite the responsible person(s) to present it his-/her-/themselves.


Have a wonderful day and take care!



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