The joy of coming home

As I mentioned it in several entries, I travel quite a bit. This is since about a year now. Sometimes, the simple fact of returning to your home base can bring me endless joy.

Monday morning, I travel to work to a different city, and Thursday evening, I come back. Most of my weekends, I don’t travel, but enjoy time by reading a book and not moving too much =). However, there are some weekends I need and want to go somewhere else. This means, back to the train, again, a couple of hours ride, and Sunday evening back, to be ready to get up early on Monday.

Just 2 hours ago, I came home from a very nice weekend, which I will write about in another entry next week. Although it was meaningful work I did, it was still work. As I needed to prepare some things for my trip next week as well I had another 90 minutes of to-dos until I was finally able to sit down and rest. And actually, writing this entry is already part of my rest.

The feeling of just settling down on my bed was pure joy. I mean it is such a simple thing but listening in to my body and feeling it relax and almost cheer brings a smile to my face. It is a good feeling. It is especially good because it is supported by a feeling of meaning and of pride. After making a plan for this year, how to change things, I again did something to go into the right direction. And change always needs to be accompanied by action. As I still need more energy, I am proud that I did this and although it was more effort, I feel good.

I know I deviated a bot from the original topic but be gentle with me =)

It is nice to have a place you can call home. Somewhere you feel comfortable and where you can recharge your batteries. It doesn’t need to be this apartment and it can also be somewhere else, but I recognize the need and the benefit of having a safe harbor. Maybe, the next time you come home, no matter if you traveled or not, appreciate those rooms and the energy you created and how good it can feel to come home and to just settle down and relax.


Have a wonderful day and take care!


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