Do you drink enough?

I admit, I often don’t drink enough and my body pays its toll. But what are the effects and why is it good and important to drink enough each day?

When I drink not enough water, the first effect I realize is that I cannot concentrate for a longer period without getting distracted. Moreover, when I take a break I feel how tired my bodies and especially my eyes are. This is of course not conducive to being productive. If you keep in mind that when you are interrupted (and an involuntary break because you cannot concentrate is an interruption) in the middle of a task it sometimes takes up to 30 minutes to get back on track. The sign that definitely pushes me to drink something is when I start to get a headache. But then it is almost too late.

As a rule of thumb, we should drink 30 ml of water for every kilo of our body weight. This includes water, but also tea and coffee (both without sugar). Although drinking too much of those brings its own effects.

At the moment, it helps that my office is directly next to a kitchen where I can get water and different blends of tea. What I do drink enough is to combine it with another positive activity: moving. As I also sit too much and for too long in front of a desktop, I constantly remind myself to get up and move. And what better way to do it to get something to drink? What I also do is to directly get up once my cup is empty to refill it again. This is a good and easy signal, because I am mostly aware when I finish a drink and then it is easier to take action. Before that, I tried to drink 1 glass or cup every hour, but this was harder to fulfill as there was no signal and often I just forgot the time.

There are countless articles and research about the benefits of drinking enough. Have a look for yourself when you are not convinced yet. I do feel refreshed and I am better able to focus when I drink enough. So, I invite you to take care of yourself and drink enough =)


Have a wonderful day and take care!




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