The first 100 days

In politics it is common to make a summary of the first 100 days in office. That is why I also want to take the time to look back on my first 100 days of writing a blog entry each day. As I can only assess myself, my summary might be a bit biased though =).

The first one hundred days are over. I think I wasn’t really sure what I get myself into when I proclaimed to myself that I will write a daily blog for at least a year. Especially, because I don’t want to post any random things, I didn’t digest myself. My aim is always to reflect, understand, and share my insights while still remaining humble. I don’t know a lot and everything I write comes through my own filters of life.

However, seeing that people actually read it is very nice. And as some people like my entries give me some confirmation that what I write makes sense. It is also awesome to see from which countries people access the blog. Right now, people from 46 countries and all continents except Antarctica had a look. That’s what I like about globalization. Thoughts can travel everywhere. And it also shows me that what I write about is at least interesting enough to click on it. We all share the same hopes, dreams, and struggles. We are all humans no matter what we look like and where we live.

I know that there are days where it is difficult for me to sit down and really take the time to think through the topic I want to write about. Sometimes that leaves me with entries that are good enough, but I know I could do better. Nevertheless, it still gives me a nice feeling when I know I wrote my post of the day. If you’d ask me which of the entries is my favorite I would probably tell you the one about my unplanned trip to Dublin. This entry brought back nice memories, during a time I didn’t feel very good. It was also incredibly easy to write it. The words just flowed out of me. Joint second place are the two interviews (#1 & #2) I conducted. Which reminds me that I need to reach out to a few people again to ask them for an interview. Speaking with them and getting to know those people better is fascinating and also rewarding as I can learn a lot. And third, although this is a tough decision to make is my 36 question series. I like to think about those questions as they also help me to better understand myself. I can only recommend to do it with a friend or a partner yourself.

What I wish for the next 100 days is that the blog continues to attract people, that I can conduct more interviews, and that will have enough topics to write about =).


Thank you very much for taking the time to read it as time is such a scarce resource.

Have a wonderful day and take care!


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