Mindfulness: Decluttering

One of the most pleasant experience I can have during meditation is an empty mind. Just being and without thinking. It gives me a feeling of unlimited peace. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case and if only for a short amount of time. But there is on technique that helps me: Decluttering.

Our thoughts are often a mess. I picture it as a huge ball of thread. It is often difficult to see where is the beginning and where is the end. And everything seems connected. I first think about the groceries and suddenly I think about a friend I didn’t talk to in a while only to find myself thinking about a passage in a book I read. If it would stay with observing the thoughts, I would be happy. However, I often engage with what I think about. I get carried away.

My trick to counter that tendency is to declutter my mind. I do that by sitting down to meditate and then I wait for a thought and I tell myself: aha interesting and now I know that this is on my mind. Then, I just let go of this thought and wait for the next one. After a while I can feel how my mind gets calm. Not so many thoughts pop-up any longer and I can enjoy some moments of stillness.

As with meditation, this is a training. So, I have to do it over and over to reap the benefits. Being aware of my thoughts helps to not get carried away or controlled by them. Again, the main task is to observe. Don’t judge and don’t react to it. It is really just about acknowledging that you have this though and then you let it go. If it happens to come back, just do the same again. And as always: be gentle with yourself. It is normal to get carried away in the beginning. If you realize it, let go of the thought and see what pops-up next.


Have a wonderful day and take care!


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  1. I find humming, even silently humming in your mind’s ear can sometimes turn down the volume of the voices.

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    1. Oh, thanks for the tip. I will try it out =)

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