Appreciate with time

What is the most valuable resource we can give? Time.

As of now, our lifetime is limited. Therefore, every choice we make is one that automatically neglects countless others. Giving time to someone else is therefore a wonderful and incredibly valuable gift.

There is even a movie (In Time), in which people get paid and pay everything with their lifetime. I mean how different are our lives? We invest time and energy to get money and vacation. After many years of work, we hope that this money is enough to buy us time off work, called retirement. Given that we live until the age of 80, this leaves us with either 960 months, 4.160 weeks, 29.200 days, 700.800 hours, or 42.048.000 minutes. Given that you already lived for at least 20 years, those figures are subtracted by 25%. This leaves us with 31.036.000 minutes left. Every minute is precious.

As one of my interests is how to show appreciation at work and its benefits, I had a thought of making use of the resource time to show appreciation. Of course, people are happy when they get a monetary reward. Maybe they did a wonderful presentation or finished an important job, and they get a voucher or a bonus. And that is already a nice sign of appreciation. I argue however, that people will be at least equally happy, if not more, to receive time off work as a reward.

In addition, imagine a system where every person can give another person some time. People could decide to take time from their overtime or their vacation and transfer it to an account. With that account they could appreciate someone else. For example, if you give a wonderful presentation in which I learn a lot and which will help me, I can decide to give you some minutes as a way to thank you. Or you could give someone some minutes for helping you out etc. Imagine 10 people give only 6 minutes. That makes an hour which you could then use as free time.

Of course, there is also some danger to it, but I think if you design such a system in a smart way, it could create a wonderful culture of appreciation.

What do you think about it? What potential or also what dangers do you see? Let me know by writing in the comments or sending me a mail. 

Have a wonderful day and take care!


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