How to get angry a lot

At times, it is good to have someone put a mirror into your face, that you can realize what you are doing. And although this might be difficult to accept, especially right at that moment, there are few things others can do to us to help us grow.

One of those mirror-moments can be a video by The School of Life with the title: How to Get Angry a Lot. I recommend to watch it now (it is less than 3 minutes long).


It is helpful for me to put things in perspective from time to time and to be reminded that I choose my reality. And although I don’t get angry, watching this video gives some relaxation and I can laugh about myself seeing all the things I do which lead me on a path of negativity, while it could be easy to follow the path of happiness.

And to also have some tips how to not be angry all the time, they also did another video:


Enjoy the videos and have a wonderful day!


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