Reflection: three months of writing a daily blog

Today is day 92 of writing a daily blog post. This means I am 25% closer to achieving my goal of one entry a day for a whole year. Each month, I sit down and reflect about my progress.

Somehow, this month passed way more quickly than the two before. Maybe it is the same effect we experience while we age. The accumulated time grows more and more and every new day or week or even year seems to pass faster. So maybe, after 90+ entries and 92 days, each entry and each new day is rather insignificant comparing to the whole. Which does not mean that I feel that my entries get less significant.

However, it also gets harder at times. I still have this long list of topics, but as I said before, some days I just don’t want to write about those topics. And this month, I felt for the first time that the quality, or maybe depth, of the entries is decreasing overall. Though I try to keep this blog also interesting for me. I started a segment called poems, where I will post old or new poems. In the past, I wrote quite a lot and I like this way of processing and expressing my thoughts. Probably, because it taps my creative talent.

What I like is that writing this blog helps me to be honest with myself. As I don’t want to tell lies to you who is reading that, I also don’t want to tell lies to myself. Maybe some of my opinions are false or based on insufficient information, but at the moment of writing I truly believe in it. This desire to be honest helps me to refine my entries, because before I write something, I try to listen into my body how I feel about it. My body is quite a good lie detector. If I sense that something is off, I try to figure out what and then I adjust my comment and opinion.

What I also tried was to write entries in advance. But only 2 days ahead. I will most likely do that more often, because I feel the need to have a real break from writing from time to time. This will or hopefully will help me to stay motivated and write nice posts.


Have a wonderful day and take care!



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