YCOTM – Sexplanations

Last month, I started with another series called YouTube Channel of the Month (YCOTM). This month’s channel is somewhat juicy, but nevertheless very informative and is called Sexplanations.

If you are interested in the first YCOTM you can find it here.

We all enjoy having sex, or at least we want to enjoy it. Although we learn about sex in school (if we are lucky), or from our parents (again, if we are lucky), often our knowledge on the matter is rather rudimentary. Because sex is a very private thing, it is often a taboo topic. That makes it hard to learn more about it. Of course, we try to make our own experiences, sometimes successfully and sometimes not. Many of us get our “knowledge” from watching porn, though this is a rather biased and skewed version of the actual reality. We often don’t really know our own bodies well enough, let alone the bodies of the other gender. This can make having sex or even speak about sex even more difficult. We are supposed to know, but can often not admit that we have no clue. All to our own disadvantage and our sexual partner.

This is where Sexplanations tries to shed light into the darkness. Sexplanations is hosted by Dr. Lindsey Doe, who made her doctor in human sexuality. Her videos cover a wider range of different topics and helped me to better understand my body, and bodies of women. Dr. Doe is a very insightful and kind instructor and she always tries to infuse her videos with some humor. This channel is a wonderful treasure trove of finding out more about one of our most favorite pastimes. Watching her videos can help you getting closer to your partner again. Not only physically, but also emotionally. I highly recommend her channel to understand more and feel safer. And, as Dr. Doe would say: Stay curious.


Have a wonderful day and take care!


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