Poem: Patience versus the clock

In preparation for a self-leadership conference I came up with the idea of writing a poem. The goal was to get us, an inernational facilitator team and the conference team as a whole, more familiar with each other. Of course, I also participated in the task and this is what I came up with back then:

Tick tock

Time is like sand running through my fingers. Do, don’t rest. is my life enslaved by a clock?

It is a shock, I want to say stop. but can I? Really?

Megatrends like urbanization and technologization help me to fulfill my carvings almost immediately.

Seriously, waiting… can something be more annoying to me?

My friends just some movements of my fingers away

But shouldn’t it be less about the goals and more about the way?

I try to break out of this prison of time

it is not your life clock. It is mine

I didn’t catch the bus? I smell the rain, I hear the birds, I watch the sun shine.

I breathe in and breathe out and everything is just fine.

Patience. A skill I rarely observe. Although one of the best things known to me.

It liberates, it set’s me free.

We think of time as a currency

Something we all agree.

What shows more professionalism than saying I can’t, I am busy?

But can’t you see?

There is so much beauty in anticipation. We give more value to something we worked hard for.

Impatience, a feeling so difficult to ignore.

But if we wait. We can see ourselves grow. Like a flower cracking the layer of snow.

Patience and balance go hand in hand

Leading to a mindful life and isn’t that something we want in the end?

And here I hear it again Tick Tock.

The struggle continues. Patience versus the clock.


Have a wonderful day and take care!


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