Musings on love – IV

Planning my next year and reflecting about the things I’d like to have more of in my life, I also thought about relationship and love.

I think that to have a healthy relationship, both partner need to be strong. And I don’t mean being physically strong or being dominant but rather to be balanced and themselves. I lost myself in the last year and it was not good for me, my partner and the relationship as a whole. A healthy relationship is also one that is on an eye-to-eye level. Of course, we all have our dreams and aspirations, and expectations, but a relationship should never feel like a one-way street. To achieve this eye-to-eye relationship, I need to be myself. Only then I know what I truly want, and I live and act according to my values. I want to feel valued and appreciated and I want to be treated the same way I treat my partner.

I also want to show myself some more love. I will remind myself of the qualities I have and that I know people love me, especially during times I am rejected. I will be less sponge and more mirror when it comes to negative feedback. And I will let go of people who don’t value me or drag me down.

I will stand up for myself and tell what I need and feel even when I fear that the other person won’t like me or leave me. I won’t stay in a reactive state letting life pass me by. I will be more patient with others and myself. I will trust other people’s actions over their words. And, I will also become more independent again. Both partner need to remain an individual. It is important to still have hobbies and friends outside of the relationship. It does not only bring variety to life, but it also helps to have a more stable support network.

I am curious how this year will play out in respect to love and relationship. Right now, I don’t have any expectations and my goal is to be the real me again. Only then, I can make someone else happier. I think, I made the first steps in the right direction. At least, that’s how it feels.


I wish you a wonderful day and take care!



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