Kind of a joker

Today is going to be a short entry. I am rather sick, having the chills, headache and feeling of sickness. But I feel good enough to write at least a few lines. So, why do we get sick? I am rather invested in the theory that 90 or 95% of the cases we get sick starts in the brain. Our body can cover for us only to a certain degree. Then, it will take the energy back by forcing you to stay in bed. I think a good example for this effect can be seen at universities. Students study, study, and study, only to write one exam. Often, they are sick for the next two weeks. Or when you finally have that vacation you were waiting for. The first evening and you already feel it in your throat or guts. Though there is a second reason. Playing with kids who have been sick or are sick. That might actually be the reason this time. However, I also know reasons why it can be the other.

I hope you are doing better! Have a wonderful day and greetings from my bed.


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