A book about yourself pt. II

Yesterday I introduced you to a specific kind of journal which I call a book about yourself. Today, I spent a lot of time with it figuring out of what I’d like to have more in the next year. It already started quite a process.

As I wrote yesterday, the book is a work in progress and today I started with something that I figured will be the most pressing issue: taking my life in my own hands again and designing it in a way that will make me happy.

I started with coming up with different categories. I chose family, friends, personal development, love and relationship, and job as categories. Although I am not done with all of them, already writing about a few of them was an interesting and exhausting process. I came up with a few points, but then I also felt that this is not enough. Of course, I checked and observed how I feel to have written it down and it felt good, though it wasn’t enough. That is why I wrote to each of the categories my intentions how I want to achieve this. Again, I felt that this not enough, but I am almost there. So, I already took action. I wrote to a few friends, if we can meet and I wrote to my sister and my parents to schedule regular video-calls.

But why was it exhausting? Writing my intentions down and then taking action showed me how passive I have become in the last year. It feels as if I buried myself into deep sand with only my head sticking out. And now, I have to free myself and crawl back to life. It is exhausting, but at the same time strangely energizing. I think it is a good sign that I return to my true self. And even though I had a not so pleasant conversation today, I still feel balanced and calm. I am curious whether this will keep on being the case over the next days as well.

It is astonishing what a simple thing like writing down your thoughts and wishes can do for you. I think I enhanced the outcome by already determine action steps and taking action. Maybe this can be a good start into the next year for yourself.


Have a wonderful day and take care =)





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